Laybye payment on DPOS

Customers can purchase items on Laybye for a period of example 3 months.An Admin Fee on Cancellation/Refunds and a minimum Deposit is normally required.Use this option to make a Laybye Payment.


Step 1: Logging into DPOS.

Step 2: Click Laybye Enquiry. 

Step 3: Put in the Contract number or Click on Search.

Step 4: You can search for a specific Customer using; Customer Name, Tel1, Passport Number or Customer Code.

Step 5: Select Customer from the list and click on OK.

Step 6: Laybye details will be displayed – information can be seen by Laybye Items and Transaction Details.

Step 7: Click on Payment.

Step 8: Type in the Amount and Finalise the transaction.

The till slip will print. Customer signs the slip.

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