How to do a Namos EOD recon

EOD Reconciliation produces the financial reporting. It is recommended that Day End Recon is run daily. The financial reporting is set to print automatically at running EODRecon.Procedure for End of Day Reconciliation:

Step 1: Click Accounting (+).

Step 2: Click End of Day (+).

Step 3: Select End of Day Reconciliation.

Step 4: Select All the shifts to be Reconcile for that day.

Step 5: Click EOD Start.The Wet Stock Reconciliation screen will be displayed:

Step 6: Capture your Closing Dips.

Step 7: Click Save.

Step 8: Click Deliveries and Corrections tab.How to correct the Fuel Variance:

Step 9: Click on the drop down next to Select Document and select Fuel Stock Correction.

Step 10: Click Create Selected Document.

Step 11: Type a description for the correction then click on Append to add the tank information.

Step 12: Select the Correction Type.

Step 13: Capture the correction for the variance as it appears on the Deliveries and Correction screen. Capture the correction as:A minus variance will result in a minus correction.A positive variance will result in a positive correction.

Step 14: Click Save and click Commit.

Step 15: Close the Deliveries and Correction screen – you will now return to theDeliveries and Correction tab – note the fuel variance.

Step 16: If the fuel variance reads 0, click on the Reconciliation Start button;EOD Recon will now continue.Above screen shows the progress of the Day End Recon.

Step 17: Click OK.

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