How to conduct a Namos EOD

Running Day End concludes e.g. Fuel and Item Sales data for the day, allowing the system to present periodic reporting and to close off the day. Before a Day End can be run, the following must be in place:· All cashiers have cashed up, dropped all their notes and have done a shift sign-off.

· The dip reading is prepared (this must be as close as possible to running EOD.

· You cannot run End of Day with open shifts.

· End of Day can be run from the till.

· It is recommended that you run EOD when the forecourt and shop is quiet.

· EOD reports are set to print automatically at EOD.

· The system does a backup at EOD – this backup must be copied to a removable media and   kept offsite.

· Capture fuel invoices as soon as you have received the drop, else the midnight drop may be captured during EOD Recon.

· It is recommended that all pumps are paid off. Within MWS (Managers Work Station)

Step 1: Click Accounting (+).

Step 2: Click End of Day (+).

Step 3: Select End of Day.  

Step 4: Click EOD Start. 

Step 5: The above screen shows the progress of the Day End.  

Step 6: Click OK. 

Step 7: The minute the Cashier sees this message; he/she must press the cancel button and can then logon to the till and start trading for the new day.

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