How to create a local account statement

Step 1: From within WMS go to: Customer Accounts → Local Accounts → LA Maintenance → LA Statement Creation

Step 2: Highlight the Account Holder you wish to create the statement for in the Available LA Customers pane.

  • Click on the arrow icon as highlighted below to move the account to the Selected LA Customers pane.
  • Please note that more than one account holder can be selected and moved over.
  • Ideally no more than 10 customers at a time to be created.

Step 3: Click on the View Proforma button to give a preview of the statement to be created.

Step 4: Click on the Create All button to create the selected accounts statements. The statements created will now show in the Created Statements tab.

Step 5: The statements will then print automatically. Should the statements not print once created you can navigate to the LA Reprint folder on the left and double click on the statement you wish to open and reprint.


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