How to create a department report

Step 1: Enter the relevant from and to dates (DD-MM-YYYY format) in the From and To Date Fields.

Step 2: Alternatively, click on the drop down boxes and select the dates from the calendar.

Step 3: Select to filter by Period or Date (based on the date selection in 1 above)

Step 4: If this is not selected correctly, the report may print for the incorrect date selection. i.e., even though the user may have selected a period, if the Filter is still set for By Date, the from and to dates will be used in the selection of data for the report.

Step 5: Click on Print.

Step 6: The setting against the parameter 'Default Hierarchy Group' will be used as the second level grouping in this report.

Step 7: The report will open in a separate window in Adobe Reader for you to print. The report, sequenced by Department and then the hierarchy level set against the parameter 'Default Hierarchy Group' displays: Last Year Sales; %LY; Budget; % Budget; MTD; Units Sold; LY Units Sold.


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