How to create a commission report

Step 1: Enter the relevant from and to dates (DD-MM-YYYY format) in the From and To Date Fields.

Step 2: Alternatively, click on the drop down boxes and select the dates from the calendar.

Step 3: You can enquire on commission sales in the last 12 months.

Step 4: Select to print a Summary or Detail report.

Step 5: Using the Product Filter, select the relevant SKUs or products you want to run the report for.

Step 6: Enter the relevant SKU Code if required, leaving this blank will report on ALL SKU's.

Step 7: Select the relevant Payment Method.

Step 8: Click to Print the Report.

Step 9: The report will open in a separate window in Adobe Reader for you to print. A summary report displays the sales person ID and name and commission amount. A detail report, sequenced by sales person ID and name, displays the terminal and transaction number, SKU/ product details, transaction quantity, cost, net and margin exclusive, margin commission exclusive, commission percentage, commission exclusive and total by sales person.

Step 10: The margin commission exclusive is calculated as: (margin exclusive * commission percentage) / 100. For example: (160.38 * .4) / 100 = 0.64.

Step 11: Click to return to the Home Page.


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