How to capture courier delivery

Step 1: You can create and manage courier deliveries. This process should be used when a customer has purchased a product in the 'virtual-Store’ and the goods will be delivered to the customer via courier. Once the goods have been delivered, you must confirm the delivery. You can process multiple simultaneous deliveries against a transaction.

Step 2: This is dependent on couriers being maintained in the Dolfin system.

Step 3: Enter the relevant from and to transaction dates (DD-MM-YYYY format) in the Transaction Date fields, if applicable.

Step 4: You can enquire on stock transactions processed in the last 12 months.

Step 5: Enter the terminal number in the terminal field, if applicable.

Step 6: Enter the SKU/Product Code in the SKU/Product Code field, if applicable.

Step 7: Click Refresh.

Step 8: A list of courier deliveries that meet the default search criteria is displayed. You can search for a specific customer delivery by entering in one or more of your own search parameters.

Step 9: Highlight the relevant customer courier delivery instruction and double click or click Continue.

Step 10: Select the relevant courier from the Courier drop down box.

Step 11: Select the relevant delivery type from the Delivery Type drop down box.

Step 12: Enter the driver name in the Driver Name field, if applicable.

Step 13: Select the Collection Date from the collection date drop down box, if applicable.

Step 14: Enter Courier Notes in the courier notes field, if applicable.

Step 15: Enter the number of parcels in the No of Parcels field.

Step 16: The 'No of Parcels' field is mandatory field and must have a value greater or equal to 1.

Step 17: Enter the delivery town/city in the Delivery Town/City field.

Step 18: Enter the relevant Waybill Number for each SKU in the waybill number field.

Step 19: The format of the waybill number will be validated against the courier maintenance details in Dolfin.

Step 20: Enter the deliver quantity for each relevant SKU on the delivery in the Deliver Qty field.

Step 21: Users will not be able to short/over deliver a SKU.

Step 22: Click Finalize.

Step 23: Click OK.

Step 24: Enter the parcel dimensions in the dimensions fields, if applicable.

Step 25: Click Save.

Step 26: Click OK.

Step 27: Click to Print the Courier Delivery Note.

Step 28: Click Next.

Step 29: Select the relevant ticket template from the Ticket Template drop down box, if applicable.

Step 30: Click Change to select the relevant ticket printer, if applicable.

Step 31: Click to Print the Courier Delivery Ticket.

Step 32: Click Close to return to the Home Page.


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