How to process a script with Helix Rx

Helix-Rx produces a digital copy of the computer generated copy script at the dispensary, allowing digital patient sign-off and enabling save, recall and distribution of saved documents. Signed scripts are easily extracted from the UCS TS Helix cloud solution for medical aid audits and simple sharing of information. The app allows patients to receive an electronic copy for retention or submission to their medical aid for reimbursement. Once a doctor prescription is processed in the Unisolv software, it will then display the appropriate patient’s details.

Step 1: Tap on the patient listed in the window. The copy script to sign will be displayed.

Step 2: Tap on SIGN, this will prompt the pharmacist to sign the copy script.  Tap on ACCEPT once done. 

Step 3: Tap SIGN again.  You will then be prompted for the patient’s signature, once signed tap on ACCEPT. If someone is collecting on behalf of the patient, select the tick box and complete the collector details, once collector details are completed, the collector may sign and tap on ACCEPT.

Step 4: If the patient would like a copy script emailed, tap on EMAIL, complete the email address, and tap OK.  Once you tap on ACCEPT the script copy will then be emailed to the patient.

Step 5: Should the customer prefer a printed copy of the script, tap on PRINT, the application will prompt you that a copy will print as soon as you accept. Tap ACCEPT, the prescription copy will finalize stating “Thank You” print.

Step 6: Should the customer choose a copy script to print out as well as an email copy, tap on EMAIL and complete the email address and then tap OK. Then tap on PRINT and once you tap on ACCEPT the email and print out will execute at the same time

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