How to load an advert with Helix Cloud

Step 1: From the main advertisements menu select Assign Advertisements.

Step 2: If you have previously uploaded advertisements they will be displayed on this screen. Should you wish to upload a new advertisement click on Upload Advertisement, select browse and navigate to where you have saved the advertisement to upload. Remember that all created advertisements should all be vertically orientated and have a resolution of 768 x 1024.

Step 3: Once your advertisement is uploaded to the cloud. You can click on the advertisement you wish to assign to a tablet by clicking on the small Link-Icon when hovering over the advertisement.

Step 4: When the pop up box opens you can select the drop down and select the applicable tablet the advertisement should display on as well as the date it should display from start to end.

Step 5: Once the date and period is set you can close the Helix-Rx application on the tablet or tablets and start the app to apply the changes. The advertisements will take about a minute to start displaying and will cycle through the two advertisements every ten seconds. To stop the advertisement to sign of a script, simply tap on the screen.


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