How to do a cash refund

Step 1: Log into Unisolv using your username and password

Step 2: From the Unisolv master menu, Select Invoicing program

Step 3: Use your cashier code and password to log in 

Step 4: From the Invoicing option select option 2 for cash refund

Step 5: The system will ask for a document number which you will get from the cash sale till slip

Step 6: A list of items bought will show on the screen, at the bottom of the screen it will say Amend by Line or Page. P will refund all the items and L will refund a specific item

Step 7: Then press Tab to transfer the refund

Step 8: Select the reason for the refund and you will be taken to tender function screen 

Step 9: Select the tender type and finish the refund Remember to type in the exact amount of the refund no over tenders on credit

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