How to do a month end procedure

Step 1: Use your username and password to log into unisolv

Step 2: At Unisolv master menu select Month end procedure option

Step 3: Select the option Run interest on overdue debtors accounts, this will raise interest on all overdue accounts

Step 4: Select option Back up all live data to tape, this will do a backup of all data

Step 5: Select option print Run end reports After cash- up, this option will print the run end repot of all cash ups done for the day

Step 6: Print consolidated cash-up report, this will print a combined cash up report for all cashiers

Step 7: Print finalising totals report,

Step 8: Print summary and control report, this will summarize each of the modules’ financial totals in one report.

Step 9: Print debtors age analysis, this will print the aging of your debtors e.g. it will show accounts on 30 days, 60 and 90 days

Step 10: Print system status report from live data, this will run through all the data and print the status report for you.

Step 11: Copy all data files to backup area, this will go through the info and copy all the data files needed to the “month-end” directory that has been setup by a UCS TS Technician.

Step 12: Print system status report – Backup area, after this report has finished printing compare it to the report that was printed from the live data. If these two reports are not exactly the same, contact UCS TS immediately as there was a problem with copying the data across to the month end directory! Once again, keep all status reports for future reference

Step 13: Run month end clearing procedures, this should only be done if all the “Day End” reports have been printed and if the Status Report from the live data and the Backup data were the same. The system will ask for password, the first password will be RUSURE and the second password will be IRSURE

Step 14: Print system status report after clear, after the clearing process has been completed, print this report. All the totals except for the Debtors should be zero on this report. If there are any figures for the other modules, please contact UCS TS immediately.

When all the steps are done successfully, you are now able to print your month end report.

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