Delayed cash ups

Step 1: Go to Invoicing program from Unisolv master menu

Step 2: Select option 5 Invoicing program

Step 3: Use your username and password to log in

Step 4: When you at Invoicing options press the right arrow to go to Utilities

Step 5: Select the last option which is Auto cash up

Step 6: Use your username and password to do an Auto cash up

Step 7: A small slip will print with Z-number and Run number on it; you will use this slip for the declaration of the money.

Step 8: Go back to Utilities and Select option 1 for Managers routines

Step 9: Select option 2 Process and select option C for Run-end

Step 10: You will be asked to declare all your cheques and credit cards

Step 11: A screen will appear (Cash declaration INV 195 page 1) where you will have to enter the all the money you made from sales at the till.

Step 12: You will be taken to a Run-report for cash-up totals screen

Step 13: Enter the Run number that printed on the small slip you got when you did an Auto cash-up

You will be asked to choose to print  Full or Condensed report

Step 14: After printing the system will ask if this is a run end, if you not too sure about the balances and you still need to investigate you will select N and if you are happy with the cash up balances you will select Y.

Remember to select Y at the end if not the current sales will accumulate to the next day sales.

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