How to batch receive stock

Step 1: Use your username and password to log into Unisolv

Step 2: From the Unisolv master menu Select Stock program

Step 3: Select option 2 for Process and the A to batch receive stock

Step 4: Select 1 to receive stock

Step 5: The system will ask you for a batch name, which can be alphabets, numbers or bothSelect R to receive stock

Step 6: Then type in the supplier code or press enter to search by name 

Step 7: Type in the supplier invoice number on supplier Inv field

Step 8: Type in the invoice date Type in the VAT amount as it appears on the invoiceType in the subtotal on the hash vat field as it appears on the invoice

Step 9: On the Stock code field scan the barcode of the item or enter to search by description and select the correct item

Step 10: At quantity field put in the quantity of the item as it appears on the invoiceAt G/cost field type in the unit price of the item as per the invoice

Step 11: Scan all items on the invoice and when done press Esc to finalize the invoiceA box that says Finalize batch will appear at the bottom of the screen

Step 12: Make sure all your amounts balances before you continueThen finalize batch by selecting U to update stock now

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