How do I create a new stock item in Winbranch

Stock MaintenanceStaff Maintenance is used to create, edit or delete staff information.The Procedure is as follows:

Step 1: Click on Stock.  

Step 2: Click on Maintenance.                                                   

Step 3: Click the New button to start the General Stock screen shown below:

Step 4: Scan or enter the barcode or short code of the item and ENTER. (Use short codes for non-barcode items) Enter through to the Categories screen shown in the next section

Step 5: Select the relevant Category from the category list on the drop   down menu. If the Category you desire does not exist, refer to Category Maintenance in the System Module on how to create it.  

Step 6: Select the sub-category if applicable. One stock item can be sub categorized up to four levels. See Systems Module on how to create these sub- categories. 

Step 7: Click on the OK button to allocate the selected Category.

Step 8: Press Enter right through to flags or click the Flag Tab to continue.Flags are a list of POS instructions for a specific stock item. This is where you flag how the POS should treat the stock items for when it is sold. It is also where you flag what type of item the stock is (e.g. weighed item, raw material, etc).

Step 9: Flag the item according to its type.  

• Allow Sales At P.O.S. (Active Item?)  Click on the checkbox to indicate that the pack is to be sold in the shop via the tills.  If deselected, the pack will not be sold at the tills, e.g., promotion items that are not ready to be sold.

• Print Shelf Label.  Click on the checkbox to indicate that shelf labels must be printed for this pack.•Negative Entry Item.  Click on the checkbox to indicate if the item is a negative entry item.

• Discount Allowed At P.O.S.  Do NOT click on the checkbox - No discounts should be allowed at the tills.

• Print Sales on X-Read. Click on the check box if the sale of this item is to be printed on the X-read at the tills.

• Weighed Item.  Click on the check box to indicate if the item is to be sold as a weighed item. The selling price for a weighed item is always entered per kg, not the price on the pack.

• Print to Alternate Printer 1-7 Click on the checkbox to indicate if the stock item should be set to print to a kitchen printer.

• Fuel Item.  Click on the checkbox to appear under Fuel Reports on HO Reports.

• Oil Item.  Click on the checkbox to be combined with eFuel transactions.

• Spares Item.  Click on the checkbox to indicate if this item will be linked to a spares item.

• Attendant Item. Click on the checkbox to indicate if the item is to be allocated to the attendant before it can be sold. When scanning the item, the POS will indicate to issue item first.

• Odd Item. Click on the checkbox to indicate if it is an odd item.

• Popup Packs.  Click on the checkbox to indicate if the system must automatically display a pop-up window of the different packs available for this item, when entering a GRN.  This ensures that the correct pack is selected for the GRN and avoids capturing errors.

Step 10: Click Save button, to save the details or return to the top of this cue card.

Step 11: Enter the descriptions of the stock item.

• Pack Description appears on Stock Maintenance Menu.

• Shelf Description is printed on shelf labels. 

• POS Description appears on the POS and prints on cash slip.  

Step 12: Click the pricing tab under Packs Tab to display the pricing sub screen shown below and enter the correct prices.             

• Unit Cost: Enter the unit cost of the stock item (excluding VAT), and press ENTER.

• Selling: The system will suggest a selling price based on the GP% set under the General Stock Menu or set on the Category plus VAT %. 

• This price can be modified or rounded off if required. 

• Click Re-calc button to recalculate the selling price if the unit cost or the GP% on the pack has been changed.It is important to check the bottom flags as this will impact on sales at POS.It must have the same information as the top flags.   

Step 13: Export to tills.

Step 14: Sign Off/On the POS, the newly created stock item is now added and ready to

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