How to add vehicles to debtors account in WinBranch

Debtors’ maintenance menu is where you create, edit or delete customers that are purchasing stock from you. 

Step 1: Click Debtors from the system main menu 

Step 2: Click on Maintenance to open.  

Step 3: This will open the Select a Debtor Screen shown below. 

Step 4: Select the Debtor and click the edit button from the Select a Debtor Screen.This will open the Debtors Maintenance Screen shown below: 

Step 5: Select the Vehicles tab

Step 6: Select a blank line and click on add. 

Step 7: Enter the vehicle registration number.

Step 8: Enter the drivers’ name.

Step 9: If the debtor does use a tag, you can enter the debtors tag number.

Step 10: You can setup fuel grade restrictions to the specific driver (optional). 

Step 11: You can setup fuelling time restrictions to the specific driver (optional).

Step 12: Click Save to complete the process.

Step 13: Export to tills.

Step 14: Sign Off/On the POS, the new driver to the debtors account is now added and ready to                        be used.

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