WinBranch Head Office stock guide

What is a Head Office Stock Master? 

A stock master maintained at head office allaoing the head office to aggregate all sites stock items under the same category. How often is the file received? A new Stock Master is usually delivered monthly, this may however be more often in the early stages. How do I know a new file is available? When logging into Winbranch, if a new file is available a notice message will be displayed showing you that one exist.When should I import the file? It is a good idea to perform the import immediately after entering the system, however in some cases a “Due Date” will be provided”. Why is importing the HO Stock Master important? A new HO Master may contain items which have been added and can now be properly linked moving these items out of the miscellaneous category.

Step 1: Importing a Stock Master 

Step 2: We will be presented with some important notes regarding the process to be followed.  

Step 3: Next click “System” from the menu and then “Master File Update”

Step 4: Next you click on “Validate” and once completed click “Update” 

Step 5: Click on OK If you get this message there is a few items that you need to change from miscellaneous. You need to remember or save the above stock codes and goto “Stock” and the Stock code renumber.

Step 6: And the menu you click add and then browse to the stock item  

Step 7: Click OK and the Click at new code  

Step 8: Browse for the new stock code. 

Step 9: Click ok and repeat for all items that you need to change.

Step 10: After you have finished click “Post” and then click “Yes” 

Step 11: It will start applying the changes. It will say compete when finished. Please remember the update the Cashiers with the next stock code changes.

Step 12: Next is to print the turn over levy report

Step 13: Click on “Reports” and the “Reports” 

Step 14: Go to “Hipos” and the turn over levy report  

Step 15: The following will appear select the date ranges you require and then click print You will be presented with the turn over levy report. Note that this is using the Head office categories which might be different from yours

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