How do I create a new debtor in WinBranch

Debtor MaintenanceDebtors Maintenance is where you will Create, Edit or Delete a Debtor’s account. The procedure is as follows:

Step 1: Click Debtors 

Step 2: Click Maintenance to display a screen    

Step 3: Click on the New Button; this will open the Debtors Maintenance screen 

Step 4: Enter all debtor’s info.

• Surname or Company Name.

• Title & Initials for individuals account.

• VAT Reg. #. (Business Acc Only)•Company Reg. #

• Contact Details

• Addresses  

Step 5: Click the Settings Tab.

Step 6: Type in the Debtors Credit limit. 

Step 7: Click Terms of Payment from the dropdown list.

Step 8: Click Statement Type from the dropdown List.  2.2.3. Adding Vehicles (Optional)

Step 9: Click Save to complete the process.

Step 10: Export to tills.

Step 11: Sign Off/On the POS, the newly Debtor is now added and ready to be used.

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