Ultisales: How to copy the licence file

The UltiSales licence with expiry date is contained in the registration file Regsnm.dta (also known as the Reg file).With a new installation and with the annual renewal your VAR or UCS TS will send you a new licence file via email.You need to copy this file to the correct location.

Warning! If you are running UltiSales on a network, it is very important that all users have exited UltiSalescompletely before you continue.Do the following steps on the server.

Step 1: Go to your email where you have received the new licence.Right-click on the file Regsnm.dta and COPY.

Step 2: Go to your desktop. Right-click anywhere on the desktop and PASTE.

Step 3: At your desktop, right-click on the UltiSales icon and click on Open file location.(If you still have Windows XP™ the option will read Find target.This will take you to the folder where UltiSales is installed.Double-click on the Data-folder.Take your cursor to a blank space, right-click and PASTE.You will get the Copy File message box.Choose the Copy and Replace option.

Step 4: Close the folder (click on X).

Step 5: Open your UltiSales to verify that you have the new licence.You can go to 6-9 ('Name register') to view your licence details.

Step 6: If UltiSales is running on a network, the other users can login and work again.

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