How to set up GP calculation

The gross profit of an item is the difference between the retail price and the cost price. In UltiSales, this cost price can be an average cost value or the latest cost price at which the item was procured. You can also decide whether Stock Usage must influence average cost price or not. Remember! As you move through UltiSales you can always press <F1> HELP for context sensitive help.

Step 1: Go to 5-1-3-6 ('Miscellaneous')

Step 2: Press <Ctrl><F7> to add the line numbers.

Step 3: Line [7] Must stock usage influence average cost?Set to YES or NO. (Stock Usage can be found at 3-7-4)

Step 4: Line [15] Calculate retail?Set to FROM LATEST COST or FROM AVERAGE COST.

Step 5: Press <F10> to save.

Step 6: Go to 5-1-5-4 ('Miscellaneous')Line [2] Profit calculations on?Set to (LATEST) COST or AVERAGE COST.

Step 7: Press <F10> to save.

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