How to set up VAT

Step 1: Go to 5-1-5-4 ('Miscellaneous')

Step 2: Press <Ctrl><F7> to add the line numbers.

Step 3: Line [5] VAT vendor numberBy entering your VAT vendor number (or any number for that matter) in this field, you activate VAT in thesystem. So if you are not registered for VAT, leave this field blank.

Step 4: Line [8] VAT rate 1 in %Specify your VAT rate. The default is 14%.

Step 5: Lines [6 to 15]These are important settings where you can further configue how VAT will work in your system. Press <F1> for Help which will provide further information on these options.

Please note:For your VAT reports, go to 4-4-5-1 ('VAT Summary') and 4-4-5-2 ('VAT Recon lists').

Step 6: Press <F10> to save.

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