How to report best and worst stock items

The Top X reports provide a view on various aspects of your business. Most popular is Top X – Barcodethat sort your best/worst performing stock items according to quantity sold, turnover and gross profit.Remember:As you move through UltiSales, context sensitive help is available if you press <F1> HELP.

Step 1: Go to 4-4-6-4-1 ('Top X - Barcode').

Step 2: Press <Ctrl><F7> to add the line numbers.

Step 3: Lines [1] & [2] From date.. To dateSelect the reporting period.

Step 4: Line [3] Use audit fileIf your reporting period is from the current month, select CURRENT.If your reporting period is from previous months, select ARCHIVE or CURRENT & ARCHIVE.

Step 5: Line [4] Report onSelect TOP (best) or BOTTOM (worst).

Step 6: Line [5] Qty – you can change the quantity from 20 if you like.

Step 7: Press <F10> to save.

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