How to use stock usage

Stock Usage is the recommended way to adjust stock on hand quantities, e.g. to account for stock items that have been taken out of stock without being sold. You can also increase the stock on hand quantity. Remember: As you move through UltiSales, context sensitive help is available if you press <F1> HELP.

Step 1: Go to 3-7-4 ('Stock usage').

Step 2: Enter an item in the “Barcode”-field. You can find it by code, description or by entering a “?”.

Step 3: Enter a number in the “Qty”-field. A positive quantity will decrease the stock on hand. E.g. with qty=2 the on hand will go from 10 to 8.A negative quantity will increase the stock on hand. E.g. with qty=2 the on hand will go from 10 to 12.

Step 4: Enter a “?” in the “?”-field. Select a reason code.Please note:Go to 5-1-3-3 ('Usage descriptions') to define these reason codes / descriptions.

Step 5: Press <F10> to save.

Please note:Go to 4-3-6 ('Stock usage') to pull reports on stock usage done.


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