An introduction to reporting

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Reports 1: Re. 4-1- ('Debtor reports’) Various reports regarding debtors and other point of sale activities, e.g. debtor statements, debtortransactions, debtor name list, debtors over credit limit, sales orders, Goods Invoiced Not Taken and quotes.

Reports 2: Re. 4-2- (‘Creditor reports’)Various reports regarding creditors / suppliers, e.g. creditor statements, creditor information, creditortransactions and purchase orders.

Reports 3: Re. 4-3- (‘Inventory reports’)Various reports regarding your inventory, e.g. Selection List of items (aka stock list), departmental stocklist, the printing of labels, random stock take sheets, stock usage and items on special.

Reports 4: Re. 4-4- (‘Management reports’)Various management, audit and VAT reports, e.g. total sales, balance cash register, debtor paymentsreceived, journals done, new and deleted debtors, new and deleted creditors, retail and cost pricechanges and item to invoice report.Many of these reports can either filtered for sales, purchases or inter branch transfers.


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