How to do a cash sale

Step 1: Go to 1-1-3 ('Credit sale') line 1 ('Debtor no. or name'). Type in the debtor’s account number, the account name or type a ? (question mark) to show the complete debtors list - and <Enter>.

Step 2: Type in the relevant Sales Rep number and <Enter>.

Step 3: Press <F10> to accept.

Step 4: In the “Barcode” column – enter the stock item you want to sell. There are multiple ways to find the stock item, i.e. you can scan the barcode; type in the stock code; type in the description or part of the description to search for the item; type an * (asterisk) - followed by a keyword; or, type a ? (question mark) and <Enter> to show the complete stock list.

Step 5: Once you’ve entered the stock item, the cursor will stop at the “Quantity” column. Enter the required quantity and <Enter>.

Please note: At 5-1-1-1-1 ('Sales screen') line 1 ('Cursor position after code') =QTY – you can set where the cursor must stop once a stock item is entered. For example, if this is changed to “CODE”, you are able to scan items faster and each will have a default quantity of one.

Step 6: Press <F10> to conclude the transaction. The invoice will print.


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